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This website is designed by a Russian citizen in order to prolong the life of Braille books and periodicals. Some Braille readers use to order books and magazines for personal use and after reading them they do not need their Braille any more. Some special libraries for the blind also have to discard Braille books and periodicals because of lack of space while some discarded editions are still quite readable.  


For this reason, and also because embossing Braille is a very expensive and complicated process, it would be fair to prolong the life of all Braille material for the good of blind and visually impaired readers.


This website offers a sort of a bulletin board. Both blind and visually impaired people as well as organizations may both offer their Braille books and periodicals they can send to those who need them, and also ask for books and periodicals they need. The latter announcements are published in the section called Needed, while the former are made public in another section called Offered.


All announcements are published in Russian, but you may also E-mail them in English and I will translate them into Russian. All offers and requests are welcomed, but if you make up your mind to E-mail, please, do not forget to specify your contact details.


Thus, this website may be of use for these who would like to get some Russian Braille editions as well as for those, who could share their National Braille in various languages with Russian readers. Here in Russia there are many people, who learn foreign languages and who would be glad to get from you some editions in the language they learn. And if you can read Russian Braille, I am sure you can find some people in Russia willing to send their Braille to you.


So if you are ready to post your Braille you need no more to other people or, otherwise, if you need Russian Braille, then do not hesitate to E-mail in English to:


Or to call to:

+7-985-988-78-32 (Facetime, Viber and WhatsApp)

You can also skype to:


 (speak Russian or English)


Let us give a new life to Braille books or magazines!


Please, be aware, that there may well be some people, who need what you are going to discard.

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